How to Make The Most From The LEGO VIP Program

The LEGO VIP Program is a membership program operated by The LEGO Group which allows fans and buyers of LEGO products to collect points, which they can use to get discounts on LEGO products, exclusive merchandise, early access to sets, and many more benefits. Like any membership program, the LEGO VIP Program gives you the most benefits if you learn how to maximize the rewards.

To make the most of the LEGO VIP Program, it’s best to focus on finding ways to earn points quickly, and then learn to spend them in ways that maximize your benefits. Some ways to earn more LEGO VIP points include getting free VIP points from the LEGO website by answering surveys and taking other actions, shopping during weekends where double VIP points are offered, or taking the chance to buy LEGO for friends and family when you’re in store. If you want to redeem your points, one of the best ways to do so is to avail of promotional items that are released exclusively for purchase with VIP points, such as the VIP coins, Ulysses Space Probe, or other items.

The LEGO VIP points value can be quite high when you maximize usage, and there are lots of ways to maximize your membership in the LEGO VIP Program. Here, we list some tips on how to wisely earn and spend those VIP points, and we discuss the possible rewards you can get from your membership privilege.

Tips For Earning LEGO VIP Points

1. Get free VIP points from the internet

You can earn VIP Points just by visiting the LEGO official page, watching videos, answering surveys, and referring a friend to the VIP Program. Just visit your account homepage and scroll down to see the available social media activities as of the moment. 

This is a great way to quickly start earning VIP points with just a few minutes of your time!

2. Buy from LEGO Shop at Home

Although points earned through online purchases are only credited after shipment, online shopping can be an amazing way to quickly get that set you’ve had your eye on, and a great way to earn points. 

If you do not live close to an official LEGO store, take note that in-store shopping at an unaccredited toy store will NOT earn you points. It needs to be an official LEGO store. For anyone who is not close to a LEGO store, a great approach is to just head to the official website and purchase your sets there. 

We would also like to remind you that the LEGO VIP Program is not currently available in China mainland so if you buy your sets at any LEGO flagship stores there, no points would be credited.

3. Buy LEGO for other people

A new update on the VIP Program now prohibits the addition of family members into one VIP membership account. But shopping together is better than shopping individually, right?

A great approach to quickly grow your LEGO VIP points is to offer to buy LEGO for any other fans you may know. For example, if you live close to a LEGO store and you know of a friend who really wants that exclusive LEGO Carnage 76199 set, then perhaps you could offer to go and buy it for them. In return for your time, you get to keep the VIP points.

If you get creative, perhaps you could even post online or in Facebook groups to do buying trips for multiple people. Some people rack up a lot of points in this way. And if you’re like us, you will be in the LEGO store often anyway, so it won’t be out of your way!

If you are curious about the value of LEGO VIP points to US dollars, then let’s clear up the question. One U.S. Dollar is equivalent to 6.5 VIP Points. This means that a set valued at US $19.99 is worth 129.93 VIP Points. This can quickly be worth your time if you spend enough money in LEGO stores or on the LEGO Shop at Home website.

 4. Watch Out For Double VIP Points

The official LEGO online store frequently offers double VIP points on certain sets and other promotions.

In April 2021, LEGO offered double points on ALL purchases online for the first half of the month. Certain LEGO sets also earn double points, especially those sets which are retiring soon. You’ll never want to miss this generous bonus from LEGO. 

Sometimes the Double VIP Points promotion will be applied to specific themes, such as the popular May the 4th promotion for LEGO Star Wars sets.

Not sure where to spend your VIP points? The next section is exactly what you are looking for!

Buy LEGO From Partner Retailers in the VIP Program

In 2022, The LEGO Group began partnering with some retailers to offer LEGO VIP points to shoppers who buy LEGO products in other retail stores. Starting with Target in the US, this program aims to reward LEGO fans even if they do not buy their sets directly at The LEGO Store or online at LEGO Shop at Home.

The number of points earned is significantly lower than when you buy from LEGO directly, and when converted to US dollars, these VIP points are worth around 0.75% of every dollar spent. It’s small, but it’s still welcome while shopping at Target! Keep an eye out for the QR codes in store to avail of this method of gathering VIP points.

How to Use LEGO VIP Points

There are a number of different ways to use your hard-earned LEGO VIP points. Some of the options are:

1. LEGO discount and promotional vouchers

Members will receive their code through email when they choose to redeem their points for a reward or discount. Just enter the code in the box on the checkout page if you are online shopping, and the discount will be applied to your order immediately.

If you are using the vouchers in store, you have to request for the redemption first then provide your card in the checkout to apply the discount to your purchase.

2. LEGO merchandise

Avid LEGO fans know how satisfying it is to collect LEGO-certified merchandise to add to their collection! The interesting merchandise you can redeem from the VIP Program are art prints, keychains, Xbox Game Pass, and even Coloring Sheets from LEGO. 

3. LEGO Collectables and Exclusive Sets

One of the best ways to redeem your VIP points is to use them during special promotions that The LEGO Group are running, where they offer unique or exclusive collectables and sets that are not available to purchase elsewhere, and are only available to be bought using VIP points.

Some examples of this include the VIP Collectable Coins that were released in 2021, or the Ulysses Space Probe that was highly sought after during 2022. However, those are not the only examples, and there are frequent chances to snag a very rare set or collectable if you pay attention to these promotions. If you want to turn your LEGO VIP points to USD or cash, this is also a way you could achieve it. By using your VIP points to get a promotional set, you could then sell the set online to get an excellent conversion of those valuable VIP points into cash.

4. LEGO tours and experiences

4,000 points will entitle you a LEGOLAND Park Ticket which is normally valued at $90. If you would rather experience the once in a lifetime trip to real life LEGO-themed parks, then go ahead and redeem this kind of reward. This is one of the best values you can get from your VIP points, so if a trip to LEGOLAND interests you, then it’s certainly a great option.

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