About Us

Hey all! Shane here, creator of BrickBucks.net. Thanks for stopping by. BrickBucks.net was created as a way to share my experiences as I grow my Lego investing and reselling business. I look forward to sharing it with you. Welcome to the Brick Bucks community!

Let me share a little bit about me.

 I’m a huge fan of investing, and currently manage a six-figure stock market portfolio and a four-unit real estate portfolio. I have a strong understanding of investing principles, and a passion for applying that skillset to Lego investing.

I also runs a six-figure online reselling business with my girlfriend, Dayshva, which allows me to bring extensive eBay and Amazon experience to the Brick Bucks community.

 My Lego portfolio value is quickly approaching six figures. I believe in ‘relentless reinvesting’ to achieve financial freedom, and this is helping me to quickly grow my LEGO business.

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