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    The LEGO Group often releases themes based on film franchises. In this article, we will have a look at a relatively small theme that was only released when the sequel entered theaters. The original film was released in 2016 and was received quite well worldwide. In its opening weekend, it…

    Throughout the last couple decades, The LEGO Group has partnered with other companies to release licensed sets. One of the licenses that has appeared off and on over the years is Disney Pixar’s Toy Story theme. In 2010, The LEGO Group capitalized off the debut of Toy Story 3 by…

    The LEGO Group was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1932. Originally producing wooden toys, the company advanced markedly and later began producing interlocking plastic bricks. By virtue of the company’s ingenuity and imagination, they continuously developed, consistently reaching new highs. This evolution aided in the introduction of third-party intellectual…

    LEGO Architecture has always been a popular theme among fans, especially AFOLs (Adult-Fan-Of-LEGO). Instead of building something imaginary, like a Star Wars ship or a City fire station, Architecture lets you recreate real-life structures using the beloved LEGO brick. You can show off the world’s most famous places and buildings,…

    I hope your favorite color is black because while there is some color to the sets on this list, it is overwhelmingly full of black vehicles, but that is to be expected when talking about Every LEGO Batmobile Ever Released. LEGO and Batman have an amazing history together, but perhaps…

    The LEGO Group has released several sets celebrating Chinese festivals and legends. With an abundance of festivals and mythologies in Chinese culture, the opportunity for new, fun, and unique LEGO sets is almost unlimited. The market for fans and those who celebrate the traditions makes it, in the eyes of…

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