Every LEGO Trolls World Tour Set Ever Released

The LEGO Group often releases themes based on film franchises. In this article, we will have a look at a relatively small theme that was only released when the sequel entered theaters. The original film was released in 2016 and was received quite well worldwide. In its opening weekend, it finished second based on box office results, only beaten by the popular film Doctor Strange. All LEGO sets are based on the 2020 sequel, which due to the 2019 pandemic was only viewable at select drive-in theaters. Nevertheless, it did very well on online streaming services and entertained fans worldwide.

I am talking about LEGO Trolls World Tour! This film is highly focused on music and the LEGO sets represent that in multiple structures and specialized parts. 9 sets were released in total – 8 of which at the start of 2020, concluding with the biggest set in August of that same year.

We will explore the amazing colors and characters that LEGO Trolls World Tour has to offer. Are you ready to swing along to the Trolls’ tunes?

LEGO Poppy’s Carriage – 30555

RRP: $4.99 | €3.89
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 51
Minifigures: 1 (exclusive to this set)

The first set on the list is LEGO 30555 – Poppy’s Carriage polybag. It was released as a free GWP (Gift With Purchase) at LEGO Shop@Home, and for sale at Target stores in the US. We see Poppy, the protagonist of the franchise, on a small brick-built carriage driven by a forest creature with a music note and a clef on its feelers. She is holding a flute, the first musical instrument we see in this list.

The set comes with 51 pieces, one of which is the horse hitching – a piece that has been produced ever since the classic theme LEGO Castle was released. One minifigure is included (Poppy), who is supposed to have fluffy hair but The LEGO Group decided to just mold this in plastic.

LEGO Techno Reef Dance Party – 41250

RRP: $19.99 | €24.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 173
Minifigures: 1 (exclusive to this set)

This set already looks quite large compared to the last one, but that is probably also due to the azure slide. We see a stage with some peculiar decorations, like the coral and transparent wand. The hearts at the front are actually not made from plastic; they are made from felt! We also see a small creature next to a deejay table. The latter is unfortunately decorated with many stickers, but it is a cool design. There are no additional music instruments.

173 pieces are included in this set, and a minifigure of Techno Mermaid. She looks quite colorful, with the use of bright pink, purple and translucent parts. A nice piece to note is the lightning bolt at the front of the stage. This piece was created for the NEXO Knights theme and has been used for many sets after that. Overall the set looks pretty cute and is definitely a good start to building a LEGO Trolls village.

LEGO Poppy’s Pod – 41251

RRP: $19.99 | €19.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 103
Minifigures: 1 (exclusive to this set)

Next up is a 4+ set, aimed at a younger audience. We get another look at Poppy’s life in this set, with what looks like a bedroom in a pod. It can be opened to reveal the details and furniture, although you can already get a glance at that because of the translucent halves of the pod. Besides that, we see a small waterfall with a chest containing a map, and what looks like a talking flower.

This set has fewer pieces than the last one, but that’s probably due to the large pod pieces. Generally speaking, it seems like most 4+ sets are relatively expensive when looking at the price per piece. That doesn’t mean the set is not worth it though! It also has some amazing pieces, like the large lime leaves, more felt pieces, random (musical) shapes for details, and lots of printed pieces (as is always the case with 4+ sets). If you like these larger pieces, you’re surely going to love the next set!

LEGO Poppy’s Air Balloon Adventure – 41252

RRP: $29.99 | €34.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 250
Minifigures: 3 (2 exclusive to this set)

What a view! This set comes with a beautiful buildable hot air balloon and a decorative structure in the clouds. The balloon is decorated with many flowers and even includes a control panel. A basket is hooked to the side of the balloon, to carry some pieces (maybe the muffins?). Three minifigures are included in this set: Poppy, Branch, and Biggie with Mr. Dinkles. Unofficially, it also includes Pennywhistle as a sticker. Biggie lives up to his name, as he is much bigger than the other Trolls.

The set comes with 250 pieces, although most of them are quite small. It comes with a sticker sheet for the additional decorations, like on the side of the air balloon.

LEGO Lonesome Flats Raft Adventure – 41253

RRP: $29.99 | €29.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 159
Minifigures: 3 (all exclusive to this set)

This next set is the only set from the Lonesome Flats region, which is the home of the Country Trolls within the Troll Kingdom. This area represents a Wild West theme, as you can see by the included cowboy Hickory. In the film, he builds the two friends a raft to cross the river. The raft in this set is built using a reversed boat piece (which is exclusive to this set in this color) with a plastic cover on top. Branch is toasting some marshmallows on a fire pit! The building behind it represents a jail cell, with a small DJ booth next to it.

The color scheme of this set is slightly different from the others, as all three builds have medium-nougat parts in them. The set comes with another accessories multipack, this time in yellow. Surprisingly, there are no stickers; the “JAIL” panel is printed, and so are the vinyl records on the DJ booth. Overall, I think this set holds up to its value, with three exclusive minifigures and some pieces in colors that you do not see them in very often.

LEGO Volcano Rock City Concert – 41254

RRP: $39.99 | €39.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 387
Minifigures: 3 (all exclusive to this set)

Located in Volcano Rock City is this stage where Queen Barb, one of the Trolls, is performing in the film. The stage is quite big and has lots of things going in. For example, we see two large speakers, turntables on stage, and a bat sitting on the rails. The stage is also decorated with large felt wings in two colors. Three small side builds are included in the set, like the drums. Even though this area is supposed to be quite dark and scary with all the lava, the set looks quite friendly and colorful.

Almost 400 pieces are included in this set, a lot more than the previous ones. Again you get only exclusive minifigures, which seems to be a trend in this theme. Most of the patterns in the builds are stickers, like the faces of the creatures holding the speakers. Some new musical instruments are included in the set, like the two guitars and the drums.

LEGO Pop Village Celebration – 41255

RRP: $49.99 | €49.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 380
Minifigures: 5 (all exclusive to this set)

In the center of the Troll Kingdom is Pop Village, the land home to the Pop Trolls. Poppy is the queen of this land. The pods are back in this set, residing two additional trolls. The main build is of course the central tree (which is much, much larger in the film). The pods can be hung from its leaves, and there is a slide to quickly get down. Poppy is performing a song on the small “stage”. It may be hard to spot, but the moving radio is being controlled by a tiny minifigure, “Tiny Diamond”.

A similar piece count to the last set, but this one has many large pieces to increase the size of the total set. Some stickers are used on the sides of the tree. The minifigures look pretty unique and with them, the set looks very joyful. I like the different plant pieces, as those can be used for many other builds as well. The rainbow on top of the tree is also a nice touch.

LEGO Rainbow Caterbus – 41256

RRP: $39.99 | €39.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 395
Minifigures: 2 (1 exclusive to this set)

This set features a bus that is used for transport to other locations in the Troll Kingdom. From what I can find, it is never featured in the film but only in a television special (Trolls Holiday). The bus can be opened from the top and hosts a driver and two passengers. Officially, only two minifigures are included, but we can see a buildable Cloud Guy and his three children floating in the air. Besides the bus, there is a swing with some floral decorations.

With almost 400 pieces, this set is the second largest of the theme. It may be my personal favorite, just because of how well the bus is designed. Simple, but it works! Vehicles are usually great hits among children, so this set was probably received well – even for those not having watched any of the Trolls series. The cloud “minifigures” are a nice touch as well. Now, for the biggest set of the theme…

LEGO Vibe City Concert – 41258

RRP: $59.99 | €59.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 494
Minifigures: 5 (all exclusive to this set)

The Vibe City Concert! The set features a stage with multiple levels, so you can put many minifigures up for display at the same time. There is a giant slide at the back and a smaller one at the front, so the artists can get down quickly. The vinyl player at the top can be used to start the music. Artists even have a small backstage area where they can prepare. Once they are ready, they can use the door (on a turntable) to enter the stage. The announcer of the event is located in a separate module. With all these play features, it looks like a cool set to finish off the theme.

This largest set came out half a year after the other sets, in August of 2020. Five minifigures are included, all of which are exclusive, but most are just alternate versions of the characters we have seen before. It seems there isn’t much variety in the parts, as the stage is mostly made of “macaroni” lavender bricks. That may affect the building experience, but nevertheless, I think it fits the scene well. On the aftermarket, this set is still available for about the RRP back in 2020.

Final Thoughts

And with that, most of the areas in the Troll Kingdom have been recreated as LEGO sets. If you put all sets together, I think it will look like a very bright and happy place. Hopefully, you enjoyed this article, and if it inspired you to watch the film(s): both are currently available on Prime Video in some regions. Maybe we will see more films in the future – but depending on the popularity of these 9 sets, we may or may not see an expansion to the LEGO theme.

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