Every LEGO Chinese Festival Set Ever Released

The LEGO Group has released several sets celebrating Chinese festivals and legends. With an abundance of festivals and mythologies in Chinese culture, the opportunity for new, fun, and unique LEGO sets is almost unlimited. The market for fans and those who celebrate the traditions makes it, in the eyes of The LEGO Group, a worthwhile pursuit.

The LEGO Chinese Traditional Festivals is a subtheme of the seasonal theme. Based on traditional Chinese holidays, this subtheme represents the festivals observed in Chinese culture. The original LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival set was released in 2019 and has a current portfolio of 9 sets which have continued to bring gorgeous sets to collectors and builders alike.

The LEGO Chinese Traditional Festival sets are well suited for city builders, mock creators, or collectors. These sets are highly detailed with bold colors and extravagant elements to add authenticity to the festival celebration. To find out more about these Chinese Festival sets continue reading below for a more detailed description of each set that has been released.

LEGO Chinese New Year’s Eve Dinner 80101

RRP: $99.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 615
Minifigures: 6

The LEGO Chinese New Years’ Eve Dinner 80101 set was a set released to celebrate the end of the previous year and the beginning of the New Year with family.

This set comes with 6 Minifigures comprising a family; including grandma, grandpa, mom, dad, a boy, and a girl. With the 615 pieces an exterior wall for the home is built. The story takes place inside the home, where you get a large dinner table with enough seating for members of the family. The interior is decorated with flowers and photographs. The outside of the home uses red and pearl gold ornamental pieces to add detail and pops of color. There are flowers lining the stone walkway and front of the house leading up to the front door. The exterior walls of the house use arches, wall panels, and pearl gold ornamental lattice pieces. The ornamental lattice pieces and arches are used to create unique window framing adding to the detail of the set.

This set was released on January 1, 2019, and retired on December 31, 2019, giving it a shelf life of 1 year. This set had limited retail release and was only available in Asian Pacific (APAC) regions.

LEGO Dragon Dance 80102

RRP: $69.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 622
Minifigures: 5

The LEGO Dragon Dance 80102 set celebrates the beginning of the New Year on the traditional Chinese Calendar. The Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year as the date of the New Year is dependent on the moon. Typically the New Year will fall somewhere between January 21 and February 20. The festival celebrating the New Year lasts 15 days. This set had limited release and was only available in Asian Pacific regions.

The set includes 5 Minifigures, a buildable dragon, and a display stand to hold the gears that allow the dragon to look like it is flying. The base of the display stand is built with black bricks giving it support and the body is made with reddish-brown bricks and pearl gold ornamental lattice. On top of the display, stand are the support pillars for each section of the dragon that holds the dragon head and body up making it appear like it is floating. The 5 Minifigures represent the people carrying the dragon around the New Year festival as well as a leader dressed in a pig costume representing the Zodiac animal for that year.

This set was released on January 1, 2019, and retired on December 31, 2019, giving it a shelf life of 1 year.

LEGO Dragon Boat Race 80103

RRP: $49.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 643
Minifigures: 15

The LEGO Dragon Boat Race 80103 set is based on a traditional holiday originating in China. The Dragon Boat Race festival occurs on the fifth day of the fifth month of the Chinese calendar which is either late May or June on the Gregorian calendar. In other English sources, it may be referred to as the Double Fifth Festival alluding to the day and month of the Chinese calendar.

This set includes 15 Minifigures and 643 pieces. With the pieces, you get to build two gorgeous dragon boats, one red and one green. You also get a spectator dock for fans of the race to watch from and flags to mark the course. Ten of the Minifigures are used to create two teams of 5 each to pilot each dragon boat. The other 5 Minifigures are fans for each team and a sponsor to hand out the trophy to the winning team.

This set was released in May 2019 and retired in December 2019 giving it a short shelf life of just 7 months.

LEGO Lion Dance 80104

RRP: $79.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 882
Minifigures: 8

The LEGO Lion Dance 80104 is a set based on the traditional Chinese dance that is symbolic for good luck. This dance is usually performed during the Chinese New Year but it may also be performed during other important occasions such as business openings, wedding ceremonies, or to honor a special guest by the Chinese communities.

The set comes with 8 Minifigures, 5 buildable lion figurines, a temple gate, percussionists’ stage, and a stage for the lions to recreate to the lion dance. With the 5 lions, you get two that are color coordinated with red and pearl gold, 2 more are bright light orange and pearl gold, and the fifth one is white and red. These lions use Minifigure legs to put them on the stage and pose them in dancing positions. On the small percussionists’ stage there is a small band playing. One Minifigure is dressed in a rat costume to represent the Year of the Rat. The temple gate is made using round bricks for the pillars with a light bluish gray base and pearl gold and a bright light orange roof, using frogs to decorate the top.

The set was available in Germany, UK, and US. In Germany, it was available from February 1, 2020 until November 21, 2020. It had the same release time in the UK and US but retired earlier in the UK by retiring on the same day as Germany. In the US the set was available until December 8, 2020.

LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair 80105

RRP: $119.99
Year Released: 2020
Pieces: 1664
Minifigures: 14

The LEGO Chinese New Year Temple Fair 80105 set celebrates the Chinese New Year based on popular tradition visiting a temple and vendors to bring good fortune to the New Year. The set can be great for learning about Chinese tradition with authentic elements including ‘best wishes’ scrolls, ‘paper’ windmills, and other learning elements to teach about tradition.

This set includes a highly decorated Chinese template, food stalls and toy vendors, shadow theatre, and two plum trees. The temple uses pearl gold and bright light orange colors to create the traditional Chinese roof that is seen on temples. The vendors include a barbecue, candy, toys, dough figurines, vases and fireworks. The set comes with fourteen Minifigures, with one of them being a baby Minifigure. 5 Minifigures are used to man the stalls with the remaining Minifigures comprising of a couple of families.

The set was available globally from Jan 15, 2020, to November 20, 2020.

LEGO Story of Nian 80106

RRP: $79.99
Year Released: 2021
Pieces: 1067
Minifigures: 6

The LEGO Story of Nian 80106 is a set based on legend in Chinese mythology. The legend goes that the beast Nian, was believed to feast on humans on New Year’s Day. The legend states that Nian feared the color red, loud noises, and fire. Because of this, red paper decorations were posted on doors. Lanterns and fireworks were lit to frighten the beast away.

This set includes 6 Minifigures, a representation of the Nian creature, traditional decorations, and a residence with traditional decorations. These decorations include fireworks with large ones exploding above the house, red banners, and lanterns to keep the Nian creature away. The Minifigures includes a grandma, grandpa, 3 children, and one in an ox costume to represent the Year of the Ox. Outside of the house you have a snowman along with some plants that have survived the winter and patch of snow that has been shoveled away. The house uses red ornamental lattices for the windows and and two large red doors for the main entrance.

The set was available Jan 1, 2021 until December 31, 2021. This gave the set a shelf life of just one year.

LEGO Spring Lantern Festival 80107

RRP: $119.99
Year Released: 2021
Pieces: 1793
Minifigures: 8

Ok, I’ll have to admit, I am biased, as this is one of the two sets on this list that I own for my personal collection. I absolutely love this set. I find this set to be one the of most aesthetically pleasing LEGO sets I have ever laid my eyes on and had the pleasure of building. This set goes well in either a set arrangement or as a stand alone display piece.

The set includes a pavilion with stairs leading up, two arched entrances/exits, a buildable bull with a light, a bridge going over a small pond filled with koi fish, bamboo trees, authentic Chun Lian banners, stone path, and 8 Minifigures. In the back of the set you have a string of lanterns to light up the night and provide the tourist with a fantastic experience. 7 of the Minifigures are tourist/civilians and the 8th Minifigure is a lantern. Two of the Minifigures come with matching sweaters with ‘2021’ across the front.

The set was available from January 1, 2021 until November 22, 2021 giving it a shelf life just shy of 11 months.

LEGO Lunar New Year Traditions 80108

RRP: $79.99
Year Released: 2022
Pieces: 1066
Minifigures: 12

This is the second to last set on this list and is a small diorama of 6 interconnected Chinese traditions. Some of these traditions include food shopping, making good-luck decorations, visiting family, spring cleaning, and exchanging ‘Hongbao’ red envelopes.

The set includes 1,066 pieces and twelve Minifigures including the God of Wealth, a stallholder, a couple, a man, a girl, and a family of 6. The family of 6 includes a grandpa, grandma, dad, mom, boy and a girl. Each of the 6 scenes con be connected in a variety of ways, either to the central hub or stacked on top of each other. The set includes several print pieces along with a sticker sheet.

The set was available on December 25, 2021 and estimated to retire December 31, 2022.

LEGO Lunar New Year Ice Festival 80109

RRP: $119.99
Year Released: 2022
Pieces: 1519
Minifigures: 13

This is the final set on this list and the second set I own and have built for display purposes myself. Honestly, I think this subtheme is one of the best there is, especially because of the stories that are told within each set. The set is based on the Lunar New Year Ice Festival which lasts for about 2 months each year in China.

This set includes 1,519 pieces, thirteen Minifigures, a skate rental shop with storage underneath, a large ice skating rink, large temple ice sculpture with a slide, a penguin ice sculpture, a photo op, a large tree covered in snow, and a buildable sled. There is a Minifigure dressed as a tiger to represent the Year of the Tiger. Also included with the Minifigures are an ice sculpture, a figurine representing a mom, a dad, 3 children, a shop keep, a sweet potato vendor, and a man ice fishing. A fantastic detail is the fish that can be seen underneath the ice rink. The set includes lanterns as well as authentic elements and a map on a panel.

The set was available on December 25, 2021 and estimated to retire December 31, 2022.

Final Thoughts

These Chinese Tradition Festival sets are great for learning about different cultures and traditions. Each set provides its own unique style while remaining cohesive overall. At the time of this writing only two of the sets are available from The LEGO Group though. With the popularity of these sets, it is hard to see the subtheme getting discontinued as a whole. Personally, I am looking forward to more of these sets that had unique colors and elements to any collection.

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