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    In the past couple of years, The LEGO Group has released several unique new themes. The likes of LEGO Ideas, Stranger Things, Harry Potter – sets of these themes are home on the shelf of most collectors. But, many fans will forever hold a special place in their heart for…

    LEGO is known for its affiliation with many franchises, most of which are inspired or based on pop culture. In the quarterly rounds of LEGO Ideas, we often see fans replicating their favorite movie scenes and characters using the LEGO brick. It is no surprise that the influence of large…

    For many years, the LEGO Star Wars theme has been a cornerstone of The LEGO Group’s portfolio. Year after year, it has been listed as one of their bestselling themes within the company’s financial reports. The enthusiasm for sets embodying the characters and vehicles from a galaxy far, far away…

    Since its commencement in 1932, The LEGO Group has been providing children and adults alike with countless hours of pleasure and enjoyment. Through the innovative strategic partnerships which originated in 1999 with the Star Wars theme, the company has developed an extensive catalogue of intriguing and compelling sets. The establishment…

    The world of LEGO is so vast, they can take us into a movie, a videogame, or even to space, but they also come back down and create the things we have actually seen and experienced. These sets explore that feeling of amusement, of awe, as if we were kids…

    Since the LEGO Group first partnered with Disney back in 2014, the theme has proven popular for both children and adults alike. New LEGO Disney sub-themes are frequently released, reflecting the films that are currently being shown in cinemas. Therefore, the announcement of LEGO Encanto on November 1st 2021 was…

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