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    Do you have a LEGO collection that’s just taking up space? Perhaps you have stumbled across some tubs of old LEGO parts in your attic? Or maybe you have recently bought some used LEGO online or at a garage sale. What better way to free up space than to make…

     When you purchased your brand new LEGO sets, you were likely excited to open them and start playing with them. Cleaning your shiny LEGO bricks and parts was the last thing on your mind. But now, after constructing and dismantling your LEGO Death Star, Pirate Ship, or other unique creation…

    LEGO The Hobbit is a theme of LEGO sets based on The Hobbit trilogy of movies, and the book by J.R.R Tolkien. It is the result of an incredible partnership between The LEGO Group and Warner Bros, and the sets include scenes from the movie and minifigures of the characters.…

    One of the things that fans of LEGO absolutely love about their hobby is all of the amazing cross-overs and partnerships that The LEGO Group have created to bring our favorite movies, TV shows, books and video games into the world of LEGO. This LEGO theme is no different, and…

    As far as partnerships go between The LEGO Group and popular movies and shows, there aren’t many that are more perfect than this one. Scooby Doo is a beloved brand that was first created in 1969 and has been enjoyed by children and adults alike ever since. The mysterious and…

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