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    Commercial partnerships are nothing new to The LEGO Group. They have partnered with major franchises in the past such as Harry Potter, Star Wars, and even Stranger Things! LEGO sets based around one of these popular themes are often seen to be successful because they attract buyers from two separate…

    The LEGO Group loves to come up with new and unique ideas for sets to be released for purchase to the general public, this subtheme is no different. With 2 billion people, yes, billion with a “B”, that celebrate the Chinese New Year, the market for old and new buyers…

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    The most successful LEGO themes tend to be licensed partnerships with brands like Star Wars, Harry Potter or Marvel. However, not licensed product lines can also be quite successful, which was shown by the LEGO Elves theme! The LEGO Elves theme is based on the LEGO Elves television series from…

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