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    Pirate ships are iconic. Be it in toys, costumes or in this case, LEGO, the theme of pirates is one that often appears, so it is no surprise at all that pirate ships make up a popular, yet unofficial ‘subtheme’ of LEGO sets. The only issue with their popularity, though,…

    LEGO is a huge umbrella for a lot of licenses, themes, subthemes, one-offs, and ever-increasing lines they have, so once in a while, things need to be tied, and condense in a way that is easy for us, the LEGO fans, to understand the type of sets we are buying…

    When we were children, some of our earlier toys were vehicles, miniature ones or funny-looking out-of-proportion creations, that entice us to our very own mean of transportation, even if it was only in our imagination. So, we have always been kin to wheeled machines, and these sets take us to…

    Every few years, major media outlets publish articles on how investing in LEGO is better than investing in the stock market or gold. In a recent article from The Guardian (source), the value of LEGO has been rising by 11% annually which is a better rate of return than many other…

    The now iconic Ninjago theme is based on the popular animated series that first landed on Television in the year 2011. Launched in the same year, the Ninjago Spinner theme allowed fans to not only buy their favorite characters in affordable minifigure form, but also to compete with friends in…

    The LEGO Group, which was introduced in 1932 as a Danish toy production company, has achieved unparalleled success within its industry. It was in fact the founder’s son who orchestrated the production of the familiar interlocking plastic bricks we know and love to this day. In 1999, LEGO sought alternative…

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