Investment analysis – LEGO City Main Square 60271

As I’ve talked about in this video, I’m a fan of the LEGO CITY theme but I have not traditionally focused heavily on it in my investing and reselling business. However, every year I become more and more excited at what this theme has to offer. 

As I mentioned in the video, when it comes to CITY sets I usually on the hunt for a set that can tell a story. The theme has become a little saturated over the years, with many re-releases and different takes on the same concepts being released by The LEGO Group. I find that the sets that stand out amongst the crowd are the ones that have a clear story to drive the attractiveness of the set.

The set we are looking at today, LEGO CITY Main Square 60271, is definitely one of those sets!


This set has a RRP of $199.99 which is higher than I’d like to go when it comes to spending money on a LEGO set. 

The price is not a total deal breaker as long as it’s there’s enough investment potential and possibility for upside, which this set may have.


This set has playability written all over it!

It is a large enough set to have multiple family members play with this set at the same time, and LEGO is marketing this set for families to build together. 

This set also comes with a City Hall building which is rare in City LEGO sets, yet would be crucial for any serious City builder.

Investment potential

There are two previous sets that I would like to compare the Main Square against to see what the potential ROI could be.

The City Town City Square 60097 is currently having a ROI of 19% which is not good for a set that has retired in 2017. It does lack a city hall building which does not tie the other buildings together so that may be why this set is not a top performer.

LEGO City Town Square 60097 ROI 19%

The City Capital City 60200 is a higher performer than The City Town City Square 60097.  It has only recently retired and already has a 63% ROI. 

LEGO City Capital City 60200 ROI: 63%


I really like this set but when it comes to investing, I’m going to have to take a pass. 

Do not get me wrong, this is a great set. However, when it comes to past performance on city centric sets, there just seems like too much of a risky set to invest in. The previous type of sets does not consistently have the ROI’s that I like. 

There are safer sets to put my money in. 

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Are you a fan of this set? Do you like the CITY theme for investing? Let us know in the comments!