Investing in LEGO Ninjago – Is it worth it?

The LEGO Ninjago theme was launched in 2011 and has quickly become one of the flagship brands of The LEGO Group.

Since the discontinuation of the LEGO Ninja theme in 2000, the LEGO Ninjago took over the ninja set concept, but with a more detailed storyline set in a fantasy world. Aside from ninjas, the LEGO Ninjago theme also features dragons, snakes, as well as spinners. It was primarily based on the Danish-Canadian animated television series called Ninjago, which was also produced by The LEGO Group.

The LEGO Ninjago sets have traditionally produced sales that exceeded The LEGO Group’s expectations (source). But despite its success, many LEGO investors seem to ignore this theme. From information we have gathered by talking to LEGO investors and resellers, it seems many people just don’t expect Ninjago set prices to increase a lot over time. After all, what parent will be willing to pay three times the retail price for an old set for their kid?

Let’s look at how wrong most LEGO investors are about the Ninjago theme. Is the LEGO Ninjago theme worth investing in? Yes, Ninjago is a worthy theme for any LEGO investor and the sets typically appreciate in value pretty well on Amazon.

To illustrate this point, let’s look at just how much money you can make from investing in LEGO Ninjago sets. Let’s take some recently retired sets as examples.

LEGO Ninjago Killow vs. Samurai X 70642

Released: December 2017
Retired: January 2019
RRP: $49.99

The LEGO Ninjago Killow vs. Samurai X was released at the end of 2017 and retired in early 2019.

The set includes Resistance Jay, Samurai X, and Killow. Killow is exclusive to this set which makes it one of Ninjago’s rarest minifigures. You can now buy a Killow minifig on BrickLink for around $59.99 which is $10 higher than the price of the whole set at retail!

The price of the complete set skyrocketed to $189.89 on Amazon in September 2020. That’s a whopping 238% return on your investment. Not bad!

LEGO Ninjago Temple of Resurrection 70643

Released: December 2017
Retired: December 2018
RRP: $69.99

Released also in December 2017, the LEGO Ninjago Temple of Resurrection features 7 minifigs and is very similar to LEGO Ninjago Castle of the Forsaken Emperor 70678. Resistance Cole with armor and Harumi in Jade Princess attire are all exclusive to this set. The Temple looks amazing with the red and black combination and it has two levels with a balcony.

You could buy this set originally for $69.99 during 2018, but since the set retired, the price quickly skyrocketed. The low production run of just one year contributed to a lack of supply on this set. As of April 2021, the price had reached $264.99 on Amazon. If you sell it for $264.99, that’s a 278% return on your investment.

LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer 70652

Released: June 2018
Retired: December 2019
RRP: $69.99

The LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer is an amazing looking set. The set includes minifigs of Jay, Zane, Muzzle, Daddy No Legs, and Muzzle. Aside from that, it mainly features a large Lightning Dragon with opening jaws and two lightning bolt shooters.

The set was originally retailed at $39.99. In January 2021, the price rapidly increased to as high as $134.97. And as of writing, LEGO investors are selling it for $128.94 on Amazon.

If you bought the set for $39.99 and sold it in early 2021, you would get a return on investment of 220%.

LEGO Ninjago Firstbourne 70653

Released: June 2018
Retired: January 2020
RRP: $69.99

The LEGO Ninjago Firstbourne was released in 2018 for $69.99 and has 882 pieces. The set has already retired as well. Now let’s look at some numbers.

The price went to as low as $34.99 in October 2019 but has skyrocketed to $173.87 in December of 2020. And now, you can sell this set for $157.70. If you have bought the set at its original price and sell it now, you will still get a return of %125 on your investment. 

LEGO Ninjago Dragon Pit 70655

Released: June 2018
Retired: January 2020
RRP: $129.99

The LEGO Ninjago Dragon Pit is a large set for the theme, with 1660 pieces and a whopping 9 minifigs, 4 of which are unique and not available in other sets. It was released in 2018 and originally retailed for $129.99.

The Arkade minifig is exclusive to this set which makes him the hardest Dragon Hunter to find. The set also features a cool-looking dragon called Slab. Although it looks smaller than Firstbourne and Stormbringer, its sand green and gray color combination make it stand out.

You can sell this set now for as high as $250 which gives you a %92 return on your investment.

Is LEGO Ninjago Theme really worth investing in?

The LEGO Ninjago sets are definitely worth investing in. But just like in any other LEGO investment, you have to always know your numbers. Based on our research above, it is fair to say that investing in LEGO Ninjago Killow vs. Samurai X, LEGO Ninjago Temple of Resurrection, and LEGO Ninjago Stormbringer 70652 would have certainly been worth your time as a LEGO investor, with a return on investment of over 200% each.

These numbers are comparable to other popular themes that LEGO investors tend to lean heavily toward, such as Star Wars or Harry Potter. However, what’s notable in the Ninjago theme is its collectability. Since the sets pretty much tell a story, it’s likely that Ninjago fans will buy these sets to complete their collections even long after retirement.

The mythical creatures on each set have contributed largely to the collectibility of the Ninjago sets. All creatures are entirely brick-built and don’t use molded heads. This makes every LEGO Ninjago a uniquely satisfying build.

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