Every LEGO Overwatch Set Ever Released

One of the things that fans of LEGO absolutely love about their hobby is all of the amazing cross-overs and partnerships that The LEGO Group have created to bring our favorite movies, TV shows, books and video games into the world of LEGO. This LEGO theme is no different, and in late 2018, The LEGO Group announced a new partnership – one which delighted video game fans all around the world.

LEGO Overwatch is a theme of LEGO sets based on the popular video game Overwatch. The game was created by Blizzard Entertainment, and this theme of LEGO sets marks an amazing partnership between The LEGO Group and Activision-Blizzard. The original LEGO Overwatch theme of sets were released in January 2019, with a total of six sets in the initial release. Later that year, two more sets were added to the theme. All of the LEGO Overwatch sets released in 2019 were retired by the end of 2020.

The LEGO Overwatch sets are incredibly fun to build and also have tons of playability, with the included heroes in the sets being a huge draw. Some of the sets in the LEGO Overwatch list are extremely well suited to being displayed on a shelf. But what sets have been released to date? Let’s look at a complete list of LEGO Overwatch sets.

LEGO Tracer vs. Widowmaker 75970

RRP: $14.99 | €14.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 129
Minifigures: 2

The first set in the LEGO Overwatch set list according to the set numbers is LEGO Tracer vs. Widowmaker, set 75970. And what a set to kick things off with! Tracer and Widowmaker are both characters from the game, and they are both arguably some of the most well-known characters from the Overwatch universe to-date. In fact, Tracer has become the mascot for the series and is commonly used in marketing materials from Blizzard Entertainment. With LEGO Tracer vs. Widowmaker, fans can get their hands on the minifigures for both of these important characters.

The set features 129 pieces, which makes it the smallest set in the Overwatch theme. It includes 2 minifigures, Tracer and Widowmaker, and both of the minifigures are exclusive to this set. The main focus of the set is the buildable Satellite Drone, which is a small and easy build but works well when paired with other LEGO Overwatch sets.

LEGO Tracer vs. Widowmaker 75970 was released in January 2019 and retired in December 2019, which gave it a shelf life of just one year.

LEGO Hanzo vs. Genji 75971

RRP: $19.99 | €24.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 197
Minifigures: 3

LEGO Hanzo vs. Genji is the second set in the LEGO Overwatch theme. Featuring a face-off between two more important characters from the game, brothers Hanzo and Genji, this set was another important set from The LEGO Group to include in the LEGO Overwatch product line.

This set contains 197 pieces and 3 minifigures, including Hanzo, Genji, and a Shimada Henchman. All three are exclusive to this set and do not appear elsewhere. Also included in the set is a buildable depiction of Hanamura, one of the playable maps in the Overwatch video game. This set design is similar to Ninjago, taking heavy influence from Japanese architecture and culture.

LEGO Hanzo vs. Genji was released in January 2019 and retired in December 2019, for a shelf life of just one year.

LEGO Dorado Showdown 75972

RRP: $29.99 | €29.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 419
Minifigures: 3

LEGO Dorado Showdown is a LEGO set centered around the popular playable map in the Overwatch video game, Dorado. This set was another great entry into the theme and a must-have for the LEGO collection of fans of the game.

This set contains 419 pieces and 3 minifigures, including Jesse McCree (Cole Cassidy), Reaper, and Soldier: 76. The Soldier: 76 and Cole minifigs are exclusive to this set, while Reaper also appears in Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The centerpiece of LEGO Dorado Showdown is of course the Dorado battleground that fans of the Blizzard game get to build. It includes a truck and a portion of a building featuring Latin-American architectural style.

LEGO Dorado Showdown was released in January 2019 and retired alongside the other sets in this theme in December 2019, which gave it a short shelf life of just one year.

LEGO D.Va & Reinhardt 75973

RRP: $39.99 | €39.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 455
Minifigures: 2

LEGO fans and Overwatch fans all around the world largely really loved this next set on the list. LEGO D.Va & Reinhardt 95973 is a set that is less about play features and more about incredible building techniques from The LEGO Group.

This set features 455 pieces and two minifigures, making it one of the top 3 sets in terms of piece count from the original wave of Overwatch sets. The included minifigs of D.Va and Reinhardt are both exclusive to this set. However, the main event of this set is of course the buildable mech robots that both characters control in battle. From the pink D.Va mech to the cool grey Reinhardt model, both are excellent depictions of the characters.

LEGO D.Va & Reinhardt was released in January 2019 and retired in July 2020, which gave it a shelf life of a year and a half.

LEGO Bastion 75974

RRP: $49.99 | €49.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 602
Minifigures: 0

LEGO Bastion 75974 is a must-have set for collectors of the Overwatch theme and is a fan-favorite. This set centers around one of the most memorable heroes in the Overwatch game – Bastion. Fans of the series can now create the character in its entirety and display it proudly on their shelf. It is a crucial part of this collection of Overwatch sets.

This set includes 602 pieces, which makes it the second-largest set in the range in terms of piece-count. It includes zero minifigures, because this set is solely focused on the Bastion mech. The completed model looks extremely true to the character in the video game, and is instantly recognizable with its green, orange, and beige color scheme. The model is reminiscent of a Bionicle and works extremely well.

LEGO Bastion made its debut in January 2019 and was officially retired in July 2020, giving it one and a half years of shelf life in total.

LEGO Watchpoint: Gibraltar 75975

RRP: $89.99 | €89.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 730
Minifigures: 4

The largest of all of the LEGO sets in the initial wave of the Overwatch theme is LEGO Watchpoint: Gibraltar. This is an effort by The LEGO Group to bring it all together and create a flagship depiction of the video game and everything it has to offer. It is focused on another playable map from the game, and is much more majestic in stature than many of the other sets.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar contains 730 pieces and 4 minifigures, including the first appearances for Mercy, Pharah, and Winston, all of which are unique to this set. It also includes Reaper, which can also be found in Dorado Showdown. The core focus of the set is a massive space shuttle, which simply looks incredible. The shuttle sits on a launch pad, complete with a red tower that offers extra depth to the visuals of the set.

LEGO Watchpoint: Gibraltar was released in January 2019 and officially was end-of-life in July 2020, giving it a life of around a year and a half on the shelves.

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976

RRP: $19.99 | €19.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 227
Minifigures: 1

LEGO Wrecking Ball 75976 is a small set in the list of LEGO Overwatch products, but it packs a punch and is a welcome addition to the line-up. The set centers around Wrecking Ball, an incredible mech that wreaks havvoc on the battlefields and is controlled by Hammond. The set is similar to some of the other mechs in the series in how true-to-form the depiction is, and it was well received by many reviewers.

This set includes just 227 pieces, which makes it one of the smaller sets in the range of Overwatch sets. It also includes one minifig – Hammond – which is exclusive to this set.

LEGO Wrecking Ball was released slightly later than the first sets in the theme, officially launching in October 2019. The set retired just over a year later in December 2020.

LEGO Junkrat & Roadhog 75977

RRP: $49.99 | €49.99
Year Released: 2019
Pieces: 380
Minifigures: 2

LEGO Junkrat & Roadhog is arguably one of the most memorable sets in the theme. While many of the sets in the Overwatch theme are packed with playability, this set is a wonderful display piece, and was obviously intended to sit on a shelf. It pulls it off in a magnificent way, and the massive motorcycle from Roadhog and the large Junkertown sign look great on a shelf.

This set contains 380 pieces, which seems low for how well the set looks when it is fully built. It also has 2 minifigures, including Junkrat and Roadhog, both of which are unique to this set and don’t show up anywhere else. The radical post-apocalyptic styling of the set works extremely well, and is reminiscent of something we would expect to see if The LEGO Group made products based on Fallout video games.

LEGO Junkrat & Roadhog was released in October 2019 and retired in December 2020, which gave it a shelf life of just over a year.

LEGO Omnic Bastion 75987

RRP: $24.99 | €24.99
Year Released: 2018
Pieces: 182
Minifigures: 0

LEGO Omnic Bastion is a promotional LEGO set that was only available for sale on Blizzard’s online shop. It was the first set that was unveiled in the theme in October 2018, and offered an incredible sense of what was to come. This one centers around Bastion once again, and this one was complete with a display stand to proudly place on a shelf. The set was also sold at BlizzCon, and adds a great uniqueness to any LEGO collection.

This set has 182 pieces, which made it one of the smallest sets in the initial lineup of Overwatch products. It had no minifigures and was centered entirely around the Bastion mech. The orange, black and grey color scheme was a great introduction to the vast colors and contrasts that would exist in some of the other sets that were released later in the list of LEGO Overwatch sets.

LEGO Omnic Bastion was released in October 2018 and was officially retired soon after, as it was exclusively available only for a few days.

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